Progress report by representative

【Class Action Lawsuit against Google】

In the spring of 2023, we submitted our collected signatures along with a written opinion to the Prime Minister of Japan, CEO of Google LLC, founders of Alphabet Inc., and President of the United States. Unfortunately, we have not received a response despite the wealth of support we have received from a variety of quarters. Currently, we have over 550 signatories. We are deeply grateful. We will continue to collect signatures, and we plan to resubmit them when the number of signatures has grown. Because Google would not even negotiate with us, we have had no choice but to file a class-action lawsuit against Google. Advised by lawyers who specialize in this area, we initiated a class-action lawsuit on April 18, 2024, seeking compensation for damages caused by Google Maps. The plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit are limited to medical institutions, but in the future, we also plan to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against Google by all victims.


Although we had not previously solicited donations, we have received a large amount through people’s kind contributions.
Thank you very much.

Current total donations: ¥1,370,000
Amount received less fees: ¥978,180

To date, donations have been used for the following purposes.

Cost to prepare written opinion: ¥3,942
To increase the likelihood of being read, we used gift envelopes, etc., which raised costs.

Mailing costs: ¥4,684
To increase the likelihood of reaching recipients, we sent to multiple contact addresses and used recorded delivery and international mail, which raised costs.

Translation fees: ¥7,350
We hired a translator to translate the text of letters to foreigners into English.

Lawyer consultation fees: ¥11,000
These are consultation fees for establishing the Google Review Victims Association and for the class-action lawsuit against Google.

Lawyer advisory contract fees: ¥330,000
These are the advisory contract fees for the class-action lawsuit against Google. Specifically, these fees include preparing the complaint and building the official website of the class-action lawsuit.

Class-action plaintiff group formation support fees: ¥220,000
These are fees accrued by the secretariat in recruiting plaintiffs, responding to media inquiries, etc.

Total costs: ¥576,976
The remainder of the donations will be used to prepare for a class-action lawsuit against Google by all victims. We are currently accepting donations to prepare the class-action lawsuit by all victims.

【Reporting on our Activities】

Our activities have been reported by many media outlets around the world. Below are just a few examples.

Japanese media
Yomiuri Shimbun:

Media outside Japan
AP News:
The Washington Post:

【Group Profile】

Office of Google Review Victims Association
Toda Sogo Law Office
3F, Yamasho Building, 2-10-1, Honcho, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Legal advisor: Nakazawa Yuichi
Official signature site:

【Social Media】

X: @GoogleMapsNo